About Keep

Peter Lane B.Sc. ( Hons.) AHPP accredited counsellor, EMDRUK accredited Consultant and supervisor.

Practicing in Taunton, Somerset, Shaftesbury, Dorset and Online. 

I have offered psychological therapies in private practice for over 30 years to individuals, employees of organizations such as the NHS, clients of Insurance companies and rehab services.

I have also provided clinical supervision to therapists, again both in private practice and in the NHS for more than 20 years.

I was involved in the founding and development of a Counselling service in Taunton, Somerset, that offered a respected diploma in psychotherapeutic Counselling and a community counselling service that provided affordable in depth therapy for those who could not otherwise access psychological help. Happily this service is still providing the same high quality therapy at negotiable fees.

I was the Clinical manager and later Director of the clinical service and also taught psychological development on the training course.

Over the years I have trained in and experienced a number of approaches to therapy, and now offer a blend that sits on a humanistic relational foundation *, is informed by traditional *and recent exciting developments *
in the understanding of the human mind, and in practice I will offer what the client and I feel is appropriate to their needs.

This may be a conversational exploration of an issue, or a more focussed way of understanding and facilitating beneficial change as in IFS* or , if appropriate, EMDR*, the now well known system of working with trauma.

I also offer general clinical supervision and in particular, EMDR supervision to accreditation level and consultant level and beyond.

I work with adults from late adolescence to old age and as a senior citizen myself born immediately after WW11 I have lived through all the stages clients are likely to have done except old age and so have a lived insight into what those phases of life may feel like, their challenges and demands and the underlying cultural influences in their families and communities when they were children .

Hence I emphasize my work with Older Adults and the particular challenges that people in their later years are faced with in their 60s,70s and on. By the time we get to this age we will likely have experienced so much, both positive and negative. We are also facing our own approaching life ending, coming to terms with its utter inevitability and what that throws up for us.

Sometimes then, engaging in therapy at this time of life can help to release old traumas and difficult self beliefs that cloud our precious ever dwindling present moments and stop us from living from our authentic selves.It can help in that the therapy can openly explore things that can be difficult to talk about in the family circle and give space to the spiritual *experiences and wonderings that may become very prominent and significant now as we approach death and release the body that has been ‘us’ and coming Home, however we think and feel about it. Therapy can also give support when we have a life threatening illness and/ or to the family members affected by it.

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