Spritual Considerations

I was born into a casually observed Christian culture, became a choir boy in the local church , and vigorously dissented in my teens, I was a scientist, therefore an Atheist etc.

I was at university in central London when the gathering pressure of deep cultural change erupted in the mid 60’s and I became attracted to the spiritual teachings and practices from the East that flowed into the west with it.

So, without becoming an adept in anything much but studying and practicing a number of approaches and having a consistent daily practice for a long time now,I feel I am able to connect with the feelings of most ways of worship or contemplation people follow ,either by being born into, or found along the way, in that we all have the same “ocean of connection’ in common, whether its hidden deep inside us or flowing through daily awareness. It becomes shared when we experience each other as being connected in heart, however separate in life.

Therefore I respect and can hopefully resonate with whatever religious or philosophical position clients may come with,or find in our time together ,and with fortune, find the way to access the profound positive resource it holds.

I am also equally happy working without the spiritual world being involved in any way.

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